Web Developer – Media

About client

One of our clients is the British media company, Perform Group, with its head office in London. The company specializes in the collection, production and distribution of various sports events (e.g. broadcasts of sports matches) and data (sports statistics, information about players etc.) all over the world. Covering more than 50 sports with partners such as the NBA (National Basketball Association), the Premier League and the WTA (World Tennis Association), our client is a world leader in its field.

Our 80-member Košice team of IT specialists are working on development of a digital platform for  Perform Group, primarily for two of its three divisions: Content and Media. When developing, we put emphasis on the robustness and stability of a solution – one platform we have developed, for instance, now broadcasts more than four billion livestream videos per year to 80 million paying users.

SW development is technologically divided into two groups:our JAVA team develops portal solutions for internal applications based on Spring and Hibernate frameworks and using the latest technology (e.g. Elastic NoSQL databases); meanwhile, our web development team is busy developing various webpages for our client’s customers as well as various widgets for data and statistic visualization. For this they use the latest PHP and JS frameworks.

Job details and responsibilities

Responsible for delivery, design and development

Able to take over and resolve complex and difficult tasks. Takes ownership of deliverables.

Understands well the domain, technological aspects and methodologies.

Transforms business and user requirements to technical specifications, tasks and actively supports definition of acceptance criteria.

Works closely with other teams, such as QA, systems analysts, deployment and onsite/client professionals for knowledge transfer or requirement clarifications etc.

Provides consulting to clients/colleagues concerning the maintenance and performance of software systems.

Oversees the work of the team, from technological, qualitative, time and other aspects. Is able to estimate, plan and handle delivery of exceptionally difficult and complex solutions.

Provides creation and maintenance of technical documentation and other technical specifications of developed products.

Actively contributes on knowledge sharing process. Constantly updates technical knowledge and skills

Active participates on daily stand up meetings and other scrum ceremonies.

Communication in English.

Job requirements

React.js + state container Redux (Flux)

Good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6)


Analytical thinking and self-organized


Experience with version control system GIT

Experience with strict typing (TypeScript / Flow)



Experience with unit testing (mocha / enzyme)

Experience with REST API