Marco: I feel very welcome in here by the company and its employees.


Why did you move to Slovakia?

Well, after 11 years in the UK, where I mostly lived for work and I hardly enjoyed the weather as it constantly rains. My family and I decided that it was time to move to somewhere else where we could enjoy life too. We were torn between Tenerife (Spain), as I am from there, and Slovakia, where my wife is from. Eventually, the balance tipped in favor of the latter, Slovakia.

Not only could I get a job in an international company where I could carry on speaking in English and using the same technology that I used in the UK, but also it is a country that has a lot offer:

  • Amazing weather in summer so that my family and I could have some more outdoor time and enjoy life a bit more. I can’t wait!!!
  • Winter is ideal if you like winter sports
  • Great traditions to raise a kid
  • Family oriented country, which is very important
  • Bilingual schools
  • People are open and friendly
  • Multicultural cities (Kosice, Presov, Bratislava) where you can get by using English, but I am now learning Slovak.
  • Food (that is very important). Slovakian food is amazing so get ready to explore some amazing Slovak dishes

I think there is much reason to move to Slovakia, don’t you think so?

Why did you choose Ness / what attracted you the most?

I worked in an international company before in the UK and I love it.

Therefore, the idea of working for another international company, but this time in Slovakia, where I could carry on using the same technologies as my previous jobs and carry on speaking in English really appealed to me.

Besides, the technologies they use, the layout of the office (open plan office) and the location of the office (close to Kosice city center, which is a beautiful center) also helped me to choose Ness.

How do you feel at Ness? What do you consider to be the best of Ness’ assets?

Considering I haven’t been working long here, one week, I can only say that I feel very welcome in here by the company and its employees. The people are very friendly and make you feel part of the team very quickly, which is very important when you start a new job. So I feel great at Ness.

I would say the best of Ness’ assets is the people who work here; they are open, friendly, easy going and the like some banter, which is good when you spend so many hours at work.