Zuzana Želinská at CFO Forum


Zuzana Želinská, konateľka, CFO and COO Ness KDC was invited to CFO Forum attended by heads of finance of reputable companies taking place in Bratislava at the end of September. The main goal of the events was to gather top finance managers and create space for sharing their knowledge and best practices among each other as well as with event audience consisting of representatives of smaller companies and startups.

Financial manager of the year in Slovakia, Zuzana Želinská, presented her work and was also involved in pannel discussions: “CFO Forum is a inspirative event enabling us to share our experience and practices, which is so valuable for each of us. I do believe this conference has been a contribution for our further work.”

About CFO Club

„CFO Club“ is an association of top financial mangers working for renowned companies entrepreneuring in Slovakia. The club was esablished in 2013 and its main mission is to build and maintain platform for knowledge sharing.