VIDEO: Nessians at Audi Summit in Barcelona

Audi Summit Barcelona 2017: unforgettable event with highest ranking and 6 reasons why it impressed them so much.

One of the Nessian, Stanislav Mucha, PR & Communications Director Ness KDC, particpated at the event and shared his impressions and attractive materials taken directly at the venue.

“I had never thought that one-day event of one of the global leading car manufacturer could enrich my understanding of strategic marketing in such an amazing manner. The company vision and conceptual steps to achieve it over the past 10 years were presented on the highest level exceeding any expectations. The emotions I brought from Barcelona are still on my mind, but I tried to sum them up from the prospective of an Audi fan as well as marketing manager of Ness Digital Engineering working with newest technologies.

Out of box event

Audi Summit held on July 11 in Barcelona was the first Audi Summit ever. 2000 people from Audi community (brand ambassadors, distributors, media and VIP clients from all over the world) had the privilege to be a part of it. The highlight of the summit was the presentation of new Audi A8, but I can say it was far more than that. The venue, Barcelona Fira (expocenter) was completely devoted to the event with one hall presenting the jewelry of Audi world (areas such as autonomous driving, AI, Audi Sport, quattro, sustainable production, zFAS and new Audi A8). Another hall was supposed to host a stunning show I will never forget.

The vision, brand DNA and its pillars …

Try to imagine the world with the automously driven cars producing zero emissions and high security of traffic saving for us and our families one hour each day; the world which can accommodate the needs and sustainability of world’s population living in urban environment; the world when a car becomes more than the car. These visions might be said by one word – Vorsprung. Audi is the digital premium car steering us towards the future we know from sci-fi movies (e.g. I robot, 2004).

The brand DNA has been based on three main pillars – Audi e-tron, my Audi and AI. The electric-driven models and presence of Audi in Formula E clearly confirms the intention of reaching zero emissions. My Audi, solution connecting your car with infinite number of tailor made applications will be providing the Audi owners with unimaginable added value facing new challenges of the future. The AI (artificial intelligence) hand in hand with autonomous driving and other newest technologies will learn the cars to think for us.

New era of automotive industry

Strong focus on efficiency, sustainability and implementation of technologies with prospective of functionality enlargement – those are the areas I recognized (in higher detail that I unfortunatelly can’t name publicly) from what Ness does for two clients from the areas of telematics and digital maps. Smart sophisticated solutions with sexy user interface including mobile apps. Yes, I think this is the way the future will look like.

And it will happen …

The way these visions have been presented in Barcelona convinced every single person at the summit. Particular presentations of technologies and areas mentioned above were a tasty starter in a fancy restaurant. The main show presented the vision, the steps that have already been taken and the master plan which will fulfill the vision. Yes, it will. The breathtaking show said it clearly and after all of what was presented including the speeches I was willing to stand, lift the sword and start to shout with the crowd like Mel Gibson in Brave heart movie.

What made the impressions?

  1. Clearly stated vision based on approach “to lead, not to follow”
  2. Tangible conceptual steps towards fulfilling the plans stated
  3. Company culture where everybody is more than sure that Audi will make it
  4. World class shiny but still frank presentation
  5. The technologies implemented and the role they play in Audi world
  6. Automated beer pouring robot 😊 >> see the video

To conclude, as a marketer working for Audi community and, simultaneously, the marketer working with newest technologies and solutions developed by my colleagues at Ness Digital Engineering, I‘ve been simply amazed knowing what the technologies are capable of when implemented in compliance with clearly stated marketing vision adopted throughout the company. I could see the future of automotive industry and understood what also Ness KDC does for its clients in this area. All of this will always be stored in my mind under the folder name – Audi Summit 2017.”

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