Application for automatization of internal workflows.


Tailored IT solutions supporting the development of Turbomachinery Products.

Solar TMP – IoT / Manufacturing

Solar Turbines Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial gas turbines with more than 15.500 units in over 100 countries. For more than 90 years, Solar Turbines has been a global leader in energy solutions and advanced manufacturing. Today Solar is a key player in the 1,000 to 30,000 horsepower (hp) segment of the global turbine market, making it a major contributor to the production and transmission of the world’s daily output of oil and natural gas.

To design and develop gas turbines is the core mission of the Turbomachinery Products (TMP) division. Our team supports this process by providing tailored IT solutions that automate workflows and aggregate data from various sources and reduce the need to manually handle it.

Our activities center around areas such as the configuration and testing of engines/gas compressors, hardware overhaul and failure investigation, creating of test reports and computing fuel suitability. We are big believers in reducing human error by automating things – with testing, continuous integration and deployment – and phasing out legacy technology. The technological means we utilize full stack development on the Microsoft.NET platform, mobile-first approach and modern web technologies (C#, .NET, MS SQL, Azure DevOps, Python, Angular, VueJS).

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