Utilizing data improving operational efficiency in marine and other industries


Removing “data noise” to provide only relevant information

CAT – Asset Ingelligence

We are proud to work with CAT Asset Intelligence, a division of Caterpillar Inc. headquartered in Virginia Beach, USA. CAT AI provides an advanced predictive analytics and expert advisory services across vessel or fleet of vessels by monitoring the performance of marine engines. The solution effectively gathers and analyzes all the ship data, provide users with real time information and number of useful metrics, reports or dashboards which help predict potential failures and improves operational efficiency. CAT AI deals with millions of data points. Regardless of the system point manufacturer, it provides the crew with immediate insight into critical system condition and suggest what they should do with any potential issues.

Important part of CAT AI analytics solution is the Alert notification tool. This tool should provide relevant users with email and SMS notification service about engine status and/or engine malfunction.

Technologies Used:

  • Working with newest Java release – v11
  • Frontend application built on Angular
  • Hosted in Amazon Cloud
  • Architecture based on microservices
  • Data stored in Postgres Databases

Vedran Houdek, Senior Program Director, Ness KDC: “After becoming essential part of CAT’s Solar Turbines Digital division, I am proud an honored it was noticed by CAT AI which resulted in our involvement in one of their key projects. I am looking forward to help CAT AI extending and improving their Analytics Platform that plays an important part in today’s IoT world in marine, as well as in other industries.”

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