Solutions for collection, analysis and processing of big data.


Applications for world famous banks.

Big data – banking

Our client, a leader on the American market in the area of predictive analysis and Big Data, was established in Boston in 2004 and has branches all over the world (New York, San Diego, London, Paris, New Delhi and Shanghai).  At Ness we are proud that we can be a fully-valued partner of theirs by being involved in development of software that this company creates for its customers (who include British Airways, CVS Pharmacy and T-Mobile USA).

Our client’s products are used primarily for exposing fraud, for marketing, for costs optimalization and for various other activities in almost every sector in which employees work with large volumes of data.

The Ness KDC team was formed in 2012 and currently has thirteen specialists whose work is developing applications for our client’s customers as well as subsequent maintenance and upgrading. Their main task is analysis and graphic evaluation of large volumes of data (Big Data Analytics) which are used by our client’s customers for precise targeting of their advertising campaigns. We work with the very latest technology in a dynamic environment and thanks to our excellent results and reputation, our client is planning to expand its Ness team.

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