PyCon 2017 – a unique community conference focused on Python


The second edition of successful event PyCon was held under the wings of Slovak president Andrej Kiska on March 10.-12. in Bratislava. Testers, IT specialists and Python fans could enjoy a great time while sharing the Python news and knowledge added with interesting information from various areas.

The event was attended also by a group of Nessians led by one of the event speakers Matúš (Senior Software Engineer): „My impressions are positive. I did like especially the practice focused workshops, which were not in the program last year. From speaker’s point of view, I find it as a vaulable experience and I recommend my colleagues to try it next time too.”

The other participants also evaluated the event with positive feedback.

Michal, QA Engineer: “The conference was well organized including high level of presentation. I will attend the event next year for sure.”

Matúš, Software Engineer: “The presentations covered wide overview of simple best practices, monitoring trends, networking, testing frameworks, security and data analytics applications. That was amazing.”