Nessians at project Masternaut participated at internal Hackathon


Masternaut is a European leader in the area of telematics, which has been recently taken on over by Michelin in the acquisition. The rapidly growing area of telematics requires continuous innovation process providing Masternaut with competitive products and solutions. Internal Hackathon was held already for the 4th time and, according to feedback, its results have been promising.

Colin Adams, Director Platform Development, Masternaut: „Since March 2016 Masternaut has organized and run an internal Hackathon event for all in R&D and Data Science. The goal of the event is to generate innovation and develop new ideas whilst also providing an opportunity for the teams to be creative and have some fun.  This is now our 4th Hackathon event and we have over 50 people participating in 15 separate projects in 3 countries. The projects are entirely chosen by the teams and range from development tool improvements right through to tracking racing car simulators!”

It’s a 3-day event with all of the teams demonstrating what their hack project on the last afternoon. To provide a bit of competition between teams there is a cash prize for the best team (chosen by the participants themselves).“

Rudolf Slávka, Program Director, Ness Košice: „Ness Košice team is an active part of each annual hackathon since it very starts in 2016. We really appreciate the family feel, trust and opportunity to contribute to the main innovation event.“