Nessians Martin R., Karol S., and Martin V. part of the patented solution


We work on big projects for reputable customers at Ness. The quality of our work is proven by successful releases and the client’s kudos. Three Nessians working on Solar Turbines project have however been a part of the team developing solution patented in the USA.

The patent covers a sophisticated system with selectable industrial machine schematics, possibility to predefine engineering instructions and sample grading images of the parts in order to provide a simple tool for engineers which helps them execute an assessment of an industrial machine by using a tablet.

An assessment can also be executed offline on the customer’s premises and synchronized later to the server. All data exchange is done by web services.

Martin R., Karol S. and Martin V. designed and implemented the database used by the system, developed and tested the web portal application and web services, but they also actively participated on the whole system architecture.

You can find more details about the patent on the following link: US Patent US10466677B2

Quotation: „Sure we are proud and happy to be a part of a team having granted US patent. It’s even better to see the idea is already implemented in everyday work and our team have worked on the implementation. We have great partners from Solar turbines customer and it is really passion and fun to work with them. The same applies for our Kosice team we are the part of.“