Nessians in Košice have developed website for non-profit organization Integracia


The main idea and goal of public association Integracia is to connect children with and without handicaps or disablement together. Integracia organizes events all around Slovakia and abroad putting together children of different age and origin. The organization was established in 2008. In 2016, the mission of integration was broadened with support of elderly people. Intergarcia is supported by many publicly known people as actors, sportsmen, politicians, etc.

Stanislav Mucha, PR & Marketing Director, Ness KDC: “I perceive project Integracia as a top class organization deserving highest honors. Its events bring lots of fun, experience, memories and new friendships to children. This is something what I miss in modern world. We’re glad we could help these people in what they’re doing for society.”

Stanislav Matvejová, Integracia Project Manager: „The integration of all children is a charity project with 10 years long history. Thanks to Ness KDC, we can now use and communicate through modern website (, which is our main communication and presentation tool. I would like to thank to all Ness employees involved in the project for professional and human approach. Thank you for helping us to help the other. “