Nessians created website for dogs shelter


The shelter was established in 2005 by Union of mutual help of people and dogs. The facilities of the shelter have been gradually developed. Nowadays, the shelter can accommodate more than 200 dogs providing them with complete healthcare. The main goal of the shelter is to find homes for the dogs. Employees of Ness KDC decided to develop brand new website to help shelter attract prospective adoptive owners.

Romana Šerfelová, shelter manager: „The website is very important for us. Its design may help us to find new homes for our dogs. Thanks to Ness and its employees, we possess new fancy website, which complies with new security rules. We’d like to thank to Ness and its employees for their support, professional approach and patience.”

Jarka Lichvárová, QA Engineer: „A few years ago, I’ve adopted a new family member – a dog from Haniska shelter. Thanks to Ness KDC to Kosice program and my colleagues, I could help the shelter developing its news website, which will help to find new homes for many dogs. I say, every dog will perfectly protect your fridge. Check the new website and find one for you. “