Ness Košice developed a website for Košice Crows Handball Team


Košice handball team fights for the top positions of Slovak highest league. Ness Košice decided to support their effort by developing a new presentation website with sophisticated widget managing membership fees, which are so important for the club struggling with miserable financial situation.

Stanislav Mucha, PR & Marketing Director, Ness Košice: „Running a CSR program Ness to Košice, we have already helped more than 30 non-profit organizations. Košice Crows officials have been working hard to bring the handball in the city to the highest league again. Thank to Ness and Nessians, we delivered them a nice presentation and e-commerce tool. I hope, it will help them to attract new fans as well partners.”

Andrej Kováč, QA Engineer, Ness Košice: „It was one of little bit more complicated projects including presentation website as well as membership management tool. Thanks to close cooperation with the club representatives, we’ve managed to push the website live. I wish Košice Crows good luck as well as continuing amazing atmosphere during their home games.”