Ness Košice has been awarded as Creditworthy company


The most important award has been announced by Slovak information and marketing company. Ness is one of 2,38% companies (out of 806 963) in Slovakia, which passed internationally certified methods of financial analysis.

Zuzana Želinská, AVP – Business Finance & Operations: „Creditworthiness model compares creditworthiness of companies, helps to evaluate credit risk and suggests the solvency, stability and capability to fulfill commitments. Creditworthiness is often compared to rating, but creditworthiness is more comprehensive and the rating is just a part of creditworthiness. Ness has passed the evaluation with a positive result and we justly belong to the group of reliable and financially steady companies. Ness is year by year awarded for its financial standing, social responsibility and trustworthiness. We are proud of that.“