Ness Košice announced further growth


The leaders of Ness Digital Engineering corporation including its President of the Board of Directors Thomas Kucera and CEO Paul Lombardo visited Kosice in the last week of June. During the All hands meeting, Paul Lombardo presented the plan of further growth of Kosice Development Center, which currently employs more than 550 IT specialists making Ness Košice the largest software engineering employer in the region.

Ness Košice develops top class solutions for 10 foreign customers from the areas such as the Internet of Things, entertainment and sports media, fintech (anti money laundering), big data, telematics, digital maps, and smart transportation. Ness Digital Engineering is owned by The Rohatyn Group (US-based investment group) and its representative, Mr. Thomas Kucera, visited Košice for the first time in 14 years.

Thomas Kucera, President of Board of Directors, Ness Digital Engineering: „With its leading digital capabilities, Ness is well positioned to continue to capitalize on the rapidly growing digital transformation market. Since its founding, Ness’ Kosice delivery center has been a key driver of growth and innovation for the company. We are excited to continue to invest in and expand in Kosice to meet growing demand.“

Paul Lombardo, CEO Ness Digital Engineering: “I’ve been working closely with the Kosice center since 2009 and it has been fantastic to see the center and its key people grow and evolve over the years. As challenges and opportunities have presented themselves, the team in Kosice has never failed to step up and respond successfully. Today, Kosice is one of our largest, most technically advanced and innovative centers and I’m very proud of the team here. Still, the journey continues and our best days and most significant achievements lie ahead.”

Marek Uhrín, Managing Director Vice President, Ness Košice: „Such an important visit and guests stressed the ambitions of further growth. Ness Digital Engineering is getting more powerful and enlarges its scope thanks to strategic acquisitions. Hand in hand with the growth plan, we keep working hard on scaling up our employees’ benefits portfolio.”

The new structure of employees‘ benefits has been presented to the Nessians in Košice already at the end of May and it reflects the new Slovak legislation, which requires 50+ employers to donate its employees with travel bonuses. The majority of other employers decided to decrease employee benefits to cover the new requirement. Ness Košice maintains the level of benefits and added them with an annual bonus, which, altogether, means an increase in net income of employees.

Marek Uhrín: „The employees’ satisfaction is a primary thing for us. We have accepted those changes in legislation as a huge challenge and after months of hard work we came up with a new approach. Most of Nessians rewarded it with applause during the presentation, which is a clear proof of a good job done. We will keep going and I believe we will soon welcome more and more new colleagues in Ness.

Intensive recruitment of additional 20 software engineers for a new top class project will start already in Summertime being supported by an internal referral program with an attractive cash reward.

For more information about Ness and more than 50 open jobs, please, visit the company website