Ness KDC has been awarded as Socially responsible enterprise

The biggest employer in the area of software engineering in the region has been supporting CSR project on a long-term basis. Marketing agency of Slovak republic awarded Ness KDC with a title Socially responsible enterprise, based on detailed analysis of SIMS IT system. Out of 258 000 active enterprises in Slovakia, only 3,2% met the economic and other requirements needed to achieve this award.

Stanislav Mucha, Marketing & PR Director, Ness KDC: “We’ve been awarded this award since 2014. Ness KDC every year realize wide range of CSR activities and campaigns for its employees, their families, the city of Kosice and various non-profit organizations within the community we live in. We appreciate the award and we are delighted with a good feeling after all nice activities and projects we have conducted.”

In the forthcoming months, Ness KDC will support Carpathian foundation and International Peace Marathon. Nessian volunteers simultaneously work on digital platform for hockey club HC Košice and important projects for the city.

Stanislav Mucha: „In cooperation with the municipality representatives, we’ve started working on the development of websites for projects Košice – European capital of volunteering 2019 and European Youth Olympic Festival 2021. On behalf of Ness KDC, I’d like to truly thank to all the volunteering colleagues helping us and the clients.”

The main CSR areas at Ness KDC:

  • Education – active support of education at schools
  • Donation – supporting young sportsmen and artists
  • Employees care, education and development – sophisticated system of benefits and trainings.
  • Sport – active support of sportive events including Ness City Triathlon Košice
  • Foundations and charities – cooperation with Carpathian foundation and Oáza shelter
  • IT partner of the city of Košice – we have supported European capital of culture 2013, European city of sport 2016, European capital of volunteering 2019, European Youth Olympic festival 2021.
  • The main IT partner of HC Košice – digital transformation of the most successful Slovak hockey club.
  • Ness KDC Košiciam – development of websites and application for non-profits pro bono.
  • Family oriented company – activities for the families of employees.
  • Stability – awards for trustworthiness, economic results and credibility.
  • Representation – cooperation with foreign chambers of commerce.