Masternaut has become a subsidiary of Michelin


European leader on the field of telematics and honored customer of Ness Košice announced this important acquisition at the end of May. „Masternaut will continue to operate under its own brand as a fully-owned subsidiary within Michelin and with Michelin’s investment and automotive expertise, Masternaut will accelerate the development of its product and service offering to customers, particularly in data science, in areas such as predictive maintenance and operational re-engineering. Further, Michelin will support Masternaut’s expansion into new geographies“.

The changes have been presented to the Masternaut team of 30 Nessians in Košice during the call conference and each of them obtained a small gift. We wish Masternaut successful end of the transaction.

Rudolf Slávka, Program Director, Ness KDC: “We’ve had outstanding long-term cooperation with Masternaut. We’re pleased we could be part of such an important change, which is the acquisition by Michelin – a global key player. Together we can now step front towards new challenges and opportunities.”

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