Further eduction and improvement of Nessians is our mission


For our employees, we provide trainings, certifications and conferences.

Training Sessions, Courses and Education

We see the education and development of our employees as a key part of our mission. For this reason we offer our staff technical and language courses, soft skills training sessions, different kinds of certificated courses and opportunity to take part in conferences aimed at raising their specialized and managerial skills. As well as courses led by external staff, we also provide training supervised by internal employees.

One way at Ness we try to ensure our employees’ job satisfaction is by giving them a choice of different activities they can do to help them in their professional development. Experience and knowledge are shared here on both a local and corporate level through community meetings, workshops, web seminars, blogs and technological conferences.

As well as different kinds of English courses, some of which are for specific purposes, we also offer German, Spanish, French and Italian courses taught both by Slovaks and by native speakers. These may be either group or individual sessions.

Our success is based on the technical skills of our staff who are able to choose from dozens of different technology training courses. These include internal courses provided by highly qualified Ness staff willing to share their experience and exchange expertise in a range of different fields.

Soft-skills training courses aim at developing managerial, communicative and creative skills and abilities. Ness staff have opportunity to attend courses in improving time management, presentation skills, out-of-the-box thinking, team leadership and managerial decision-making.

Conferences are an important part of the educational process and offer opportunity for interactive exchange of knowledge with colleagues from a given field. We offer our staff the chance to take part in conferences at home and abroad as well as in hackathons regularly organized by our clients in their search for new ideas and innovations.

Certificates raise the personal credit of all Ness employees and help them in their career and personal growth. Every year, dozens of staff successfully gain ScrumMaster, Java, CISCO, Oracle and HP certificates.

This very dynamic field requires constant improvement in knowledge of new IT technology. Because of this, Ness provides an extensive library and also offers its staff the chance to order literature according to their needs.

Beside the English courses focusing on various areas (technical, business, communication) we offer also lessons of German, Spnish, French and Italian taught by Slovak as well as native teachers in groups as well as individual sessions.

Our success has been based on technical skills of our people, who can choose from the list of courses related to various technologies. We provide them also with internal training led by Nessians that are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Soft-skills training are aimed on improvement of managerial, communicaiton and creative skills and experience. Nessians might choose to improve their skills in areas such as time-management, presentation, ouf-of-box thinking, leadership or managerial decisions making.

Conferences are important part of training and learning process offering an opportunity of interactive knowledge sharing with the colleagues from the particular area. We offer Nessians option of participation at conferences in Slovakia as well as abroad. In addition, Nessians often participate also in hackatons organized by our clients.

Certifications increase personal credit of Nessians and help them in further career development. In such a way, tens of Nessians obtain ScrumMaster, Java, CISCO, Oracle or HP certificates every year.

Dynamic IT environment requires Nessians to explore new technologies and search for additional information related to their work. Ness KDC provides its people with a large sources of information (central library + option to order a book upon request).