8 years tradition of Ness Summer Club


All day child care for employees' children with an attractive program.

Ness Summer Club

Ness KDC is proud of its very popular Ness Summer Club, now in its eighth year, which offers employees‘ children a daily agenda packed with fun activities. Children are supervised by specially trained staff with the club meeting in company premises throughout the summer holiday. For Ness staff, it is a great way for them to know that their children are being looked after in a stimulating and safe environment. For children, every day is divided into fun outdoor and indoor activities aimed at developing their movement, creativity and skills. If necessary, children and parents can meet during the day and spend some time together.



In 2011 the Summer Club won the Pontis foundation Via Bona award. Amongst staff, the club is considered to be one of the company’s main employee benefits and every year new children come to enjoy the activities it offers.