nessians received a birthday gift - a special relax room

funness opened on july 1, 2016


new center of company social life

tournaments, contests, leagues

The FunNess Relax Room

On Friday July 1st, the ceremonial tape was cut at Ness KDC with company executives, Marek Uhrín and Zuzana Želinská, officially opening the recreation room for their colleagues to use. After a staff poll, the room was christened  FunNess and offers such attractions as table football, table tennis, pool, darts, games consoles, gym bars, chess and poker. The FunNess room can also be used for meetings of various sizes. As well as offering relaxation and fun, FunNess can be a good location for educational activities and informal get-togethers as well as a place where Ness staff hold different competitions, tournaments and leagues.