We've got sophisticated system of employees' benefits.

Employee Benefits

We provide  Ness KDC employees with a wide range of benefits and advantages which cater to their needs. These are regularly improved and added to following suggestions made by employees.

The cornerstone of the benefit system at Ness KDC is the Cafeteria, where employees decide for themselves how to use the company allowance they are given. This may be in the form of gift vouchers at various outlets, including e-shops, or at sports centers and other facilities we are in partnership with. If they are interested, employees may also use their vouchers for further education and purchase of specialized literature.

As well as having opportunity to work from home, Ness staff can also take extra sickness days and so-call ‘Ness days’. Together with flexible working hours, these give employees ideal space in which to harmonize their professional and private lives.

Ness KDC has deals with various external firms offering employees a range of discounts and special offers. Discounts at certain restaurants and carwash facilities are available as well as 20 % discounts on taxi services.

The company provides employees with special bonuses in the event of the birth of a child or a wedding. It also pays contributions into the third retirement pillar and provides meal allowances of higher value than required by law.

To ensure maximum employee comfort, Ness KDC provides kitchenettes with refreshments, fresh fruit delivery and a relaxation zone with massages. There are reserved parking places right next to the building as well as a bicycle room with showers and other sanitary facilities.