HC Košice has introduced new website

The most successful club of Slovak ice-hockey history has announced changes and innovations before the start of this season. The changes were supposed to attract more people and increase the attendance at the league games. Ness KDC, the Main IT partner of the club, offered its help in the area of marketing and development of digital communication channels. The first improvement in this area comes in the form of new responsive website.

Stanislav Mucha, PR & Marketing Director, Ness KDC: “The website was developed from scratch based on analytics and historical data. Tailor made design put emphasis on responsive attributes in order to easy up browsing the web on smartphones. The players and team stats of the A-team are fed automatically from an external hockey portal. We would like to automatize and update also the youth team stats and results thanks to the website of Slovak Ice-hockey Associations. I do hope, the association will provide us with the permission and cooperation in this respect.”

The first version of the website will be added with additional content and functionality based on the new analytics data and supporters’ feedback. However, the website is not the only project the Nessians work on.

“In cooperation with the club, we’ve started to optimize facebook communication including the content creation. The supporters are now enabled to subscribe regular newsletter and we are close to release of the upgraded version of mobile application, which will be added with new gamification and interactive functionality already in this season, “ Stanislav Mucha added.

The partnership teamspirit and support of the club has also spread throughout the group of developers, who work on the particular projects. Marek Uhrín, AVP – Delivery and Head of Košice Center, Ness KDC: „The team of volunteers has been working on the project since the very first day of cooperation. I can feel great teamspirit at the meetings as well as in Skybox, where we meet during the games. The development has been managed by professionals with experience from global projects in the area of sports, amusement and media. We’ll do our best to develop a top class environment for modern digital marketing and help the club and the team to win the league title.”

Rastislav Rusič, General Manager, HC Košice: “The season has started and the team is trying to improve its performance in every single game. However, the club is improving the processes also outside the ice rink. We’ve impemented serveral news in the area of marketing and we’re thankful to Ness KDC for its support. I do hope we’ll find more sponsors, partners and supporters that will help us in fulfilling our mission.“