HackKosice obtained positive feedback


The last weekend in the local IT community was devoted to a hackathon event. HackKosice attracted more than 150 hackers from 40 countries. The enthusiastic team of young organization team prepared 2 days long event full of challenges and coding under the wings of global organization Major League Hacking as well as president of Slovak republic Mr. Andrej Kiska. Ness, the silver partner of the event, invited hackers to its relax zone enriched by quizzes. We are all proud at Ness, that one member of the organizing team was our colleague Matúš Makatura.

Martin Petrulák, Program Director, Ness KDC: “I had a chance to talk to several young students about various IT related topics. I was quite positively impressed by the level of organization comparing it with other hackathons. We met a generation that we will definitely hear about in the future. Ness presentation and relax zone attracted many hackers who had a coffee and competed in our Ness Quiz. There were quite many foreign hackers, too. I am sure they enjoyed the atmosphere of the event and city and maybe, Kosice will become the next step in their careers.“

Jaroslava Dermek, Talent Acquisition, and Recruitment Director, Ness KDC: „It was an event full of challenges, ideas, talent, and potential. I enjoyed talking to young talented people and I believe we will welcome them in Ness in the future. Our Ness Quiz was a great opportunity for hackers to rest and have fun for a while.“

Matúš Makatura, Software Engineer, Ness KDC and member of organizing team HackKosice: „We’re truly glad about the result of HackKosice. The atmosphere was just unbelievable and we received many positive feedbacks, which make us proud of what we did. I can already say, that this is just beginning and there are many editions and smaller events lying ahead of us. In addition, as a Nessian, I am proud, that Ness contributed to the success of this event as a silver partner of the event.