DAZN Product & Innovation Day


Nessians in Košice met up with customer’s representatives to present product and innovations done at DAZN project focusing on value added. Similar events are regularly held at each DAZN development centers and so it took place in Košice for the first time, too. The event was attended by all the team members and obtained very positive feedback creating a good atmosphere for the organization of its 2nd edition in the future.

„It was hugely valuable to see the fruits of your labor over the past few development cycles and actually seeing all these projects come together and seeing the benefits of the hard work that is done here was fantastic. It was obvious the amount of effort that was put into the day, absolutely every single presentation was informative. I’m really excited about what’s going to be done here over the next few months,“ Kenneth Jones, Head of Software Development for Austria and Slovakia.

Katarina Šipkaiova, Scrum Master, Ness KDC: „The main idea behind the first DAZN Product & Innovation day was to share knowledge, inspire, show our best products and motivate everyone to start to work on some innovations , which can make DAZN teams, people and stakeholders happy and our life somehow easier. I think that this was a great session, which brought us a lot of new information, ideas and motivation. Our plan is to organize this meeting regularly and hopefully more and more people will take active part in it.“ 

DAZN project in Košice was created by getting separated from existing customer Perform Group. DAZN is a rapidly growing provider of on-demand sportive content. DAZN is promoted by super-stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar and its customers can enjoy variety of sport events including basketball, American football, box, etc.