CSR program Ness KDC to Košice celebrates the 5th anniversary


Corporate social responsibility projects can be formed and realized in various ways. People at Ness Košice decided to start developing websites, web and mobile applications for non-profit organizations pro bono in 2014. Within 5 years, Nessians have developed more than 35 websites and 5 mobile applications for smaller organizations but also large institutions from different areas of social life.

Stanislav Mucha, PR & Communications Director: “We are proud of Ness KDC Kosiciam, but we are mainly glad we could help so many organizations and enhance their communication with more than 10k citizens and visitors of Kosice. I am so thankful to Ness and all the colleagues who particpate at this project.”

The most prestiguous work of Nessians cover Airport Kosice, State theater of Kosice, Public library of Jan Bocatius and/or Visit Kosice.

Sanislav Mucha: „I’m pleased that Nessians have been interested in volunteering and we keep working. At the moment, we have several websites in the stage of development. One of them will help Kosice handball team, the other will serve East-Slovakia museum.“

Štefan Kudla, Project coordinator: „“5 years! Amazing. I can’t believe that it was so quick. I’m truly glad that NESS KDC Košiciam exists already 5 years and I’m honoured to be a part of it. It is a unique initiative from a group of remarkable people who are using their talents to give something to the community. During these 5 years we’ve delivered dozens of websites to non-profit organisations which gained chance to present themselves with dignity in digital world. Thanks to our volunteers we currently have 34 active websites and 5 other in development. My biggest wish is that we will always find a remarkable people among us who can help the society in Kosice to grow even in this area. Now. Let’s go for a decade!”

You can find the list of all projects under the wings of Ness KDC to Košice CSR program at the company website >>