Cookies time – Monday contest at Ness Košice

Nessians in Košice like to participate in various social events and so we came up with a new format of the event. We have known, that there are many skillful and talented bakers and confectioners among them. Therefore, we created an internal contest called Cookies time.

Stanislav Mucha, Marketing & PR Director: “Together with my colleagues, Monika Slivková, Gabriela Voláková, and Martina Takácsová, we’ve put together simple rules. For each month, we announce the topic, register 10 participants and 10 members of the jury. We meet on Monday morning, present the cakes and select the winners.”

Since this was the 1st edition of the event, the expectations were a little bit unsure. However, the participants presented a wonderful piece of their cooking art. The main award was assigned to Gabriela Briškárová (wife of our colleague) with here Terka’s surprise chocolate-raspberry cake followed by Gabriela Voláková a team Danka Melicharová and Alena Štefániková.

Stanislav Mucha: „I think the result of the 1st edition was great and we will follow with the other one in May. I’d like to thank all participants for another proof that we simply enjoy being Nessians.”