Ness City Triathlon Košice 2018

The center of Kosice has been really rush on Saturday (June 30) thanks to the triathlon event. More than 415 sportsmen from Slovakia and other countries competed in various categories performing 750m of swimming, 20km of biking and 5km of running. Despite the windy weather, all of them did well and successfully reached the finish in decent time.

Hungarian racer Andras Kiraly and Slovak female racer Nora Jančušová won the Elite category (professional triathlonistis). The best male Nessian in the race has been Vladimír Gajdoš. Three guys from Masternaut project, Roman Pavlanský, Maroš Tyrpák and Dávid Pinďar won the relays category.

Roman Pavlanský, QA Lead, Ness KDC: „The Saturday even was simply amazing. Before the race, we set the times we wanted to achieve at each phase, and, despite the windy weather, we did it. Maroš did really well and his time was close to the performance of professionals. Dávid was really fast while swimming and I just finished the race. Primarily, we wanted to support this event and the good standing and award received from Marek Uhrín and Zuzka Želinská was a nice surprise for us. I’d like to thank tou all supporters who cheered us on Saturday.”

The atmosphere during the event was friendly and relaxing. The program enriched with various contests and expo-zone was moderated by Slavo Jurko.

Stanislav Mucha, Marketing & PR Director, Ness KDC: “Ness City Triathlon has its rigid place in the calendar of sportive events held in Kosice. The event is a unique opportunity to test your skills. We’re happy that the number of participants and children especially rose again. Of course, we’re proud we can help in forming such a great event held in the heart of our beautiful city. I’d like to thank to main organizer Progress promotion and the other partners for the cooperation.”