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Cookies time – Monday contest at Ness Košice

Nessians in Košice like to participate in various social events and so we came up with a new format of the event. We have known, that there are many skillful and talented bakers and confectioners among them. Therefore, we created an internal contest called Cookies time.

Stanislav Mucha, Marketing & PR Director: “Together with my colleagues, Monika Slivková, Gabriela Voláková, and Martina Takácsová, we’ve put together simple rules. For each month, we announce the topic, register 10 participants and 10 members of the jury. We meet on Monday morning, present the cakes and select the winners.”

Since this was the 1st edition of the event, the expectations were a little bit unsure. However, the participants presented a wonderful piece of their cooking art. The main award was assigned to Gabriela Briškárová (wife of our colleague) with here Terka’s surprise chocolate-raspberry cake followed by Gabriela Voláková a team Danka Melicharová and Alena Štefániková.

Stanislav Mucha: „I think the result of the 1st edition was great and we will follow with the other one in May. I’d like to thank all participants for another proof that we simply enjoy being Nessians.”

HackKosice obtained positive feedback


The last weekend in the local IT community was devoted to a hackathon event. HackKosice attracted more than 150 hackers from 40 countries. The enthusiastic team of young organization team prepared 2 days long event full of challenges and coding under the wings of global organization Major League Hacking as well as president of Slovak republic Mr. Andrej Kiska. Ness, the silver partner of the event, invited hackers to its relax zone enriched by quizzes. We are all proud at Ness, that one member of the organizing team was our colleague Matúš Makatura.

Martin Petrulák, Program Director, Ness KDC: “I had a chance to talk to several young students about various IT related topics. I was quite positively impressed by the level of organization comparing it with other hackathons. We met a generation that we will definitely hear about in the future. Ness presentation and relax zone attracted many hackers who had a coffee and competed in our Ness Quiz. There were quite many foreign hackers, too. I am sure they enjoyed the atmosphere of the event and city and maybe, Kosice will become the next step in their careers.“

Jaroslava Dermek, Talent Acquisition, and Recruitment Director, Ness KDC: „It was an event full of challenges, ideas, talent, and potential. I enjoyed talking to young talented people and I believe we will welcome them in Ness in the future. Our Ness Quiz was a great opportunity for hackers to rest and have fun for a while.“

Matúš Makatura, Software Engineer, Ness KDC and member of organizing team HackKosice: „We’re truly glad about the result of HackKosice. The atmosphere was just unbelievable and we received many positive feedbacks, which make us proud of what we did. I can already say, that this is just beginning and there are many editions and smaller events lying ahead of us. In addition, as a Nessian, I am proud, that Ness contributed to the success of this event as a silver partner of the event.

The challenge called Ness City Triathlon is here again

The triathlon event of the year in Košice will take place on June 26 in the city center. 750m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running are waiting for sportsmen starting in individual or group categories. A special shortened track is prepared for children, too. The event will be moderated by famous speaker Slavo Jurko. The organizers of the fourth edition of the event have been trying to improve it year by year and add it with an interesting program. The popularity of Ness City Triathlon Kosice is proved by increasing attendance and positive feedback.

The blue arrows from Ness will be, once again, the biggest company team starting in the event. People at Ness, the titular partner of the event, have already started working on the campaign, training, and registrations.

Stanislav Mucha, PR & Marketing Director, Ness KDC: “I recall on the 1st edition of Ness City Triathlon when all of us were full of expectations. Today, the situation is different thanks to supreme organizers and enthusiastic people. We’ve been trying to add the event with interesting side program and enjoy it together with all sportsmen and audience.”

People interested in Ness City Triathlon can find detailed information related to condition and track on the event website ( The dates of training have been published on the facebook page ( ).

The registration has already started and we, due to high demand, recommend to register as soon as possible. The capacity of the starting line-up is limited.

The Art of Automation: interesting view on the area of automation


Take a look at interesting publication of our colleagie Peter Muszka  o on the topic of automation.

Download the document from Amazon now >>

Podrobnejší popis:

This book is a Quick Start Guide to Automation for companies, managers, and testers.

Different levels and depths of automation results to my concept of 5 Levels of Automation, which I will introduce you and take each level chapter by chapter. I tried my best to combine non-technical and simple descriptions with many technical points for engineers who would want to try out some of the ideas mentioned in this book. The first half is theoretical with conventional tools, and techniques, the second half are examples and implementation hints.

5 Levels of Automation described in this book:

– Quality Assurance
– Full Automation Testing
– Robotic Process Automation
– Machine Learning Mastery
– Artificial Intelligence Kingdom

It’s intentionally short and to the point. It’s purposefully light at the start, and gradually diving into more complex topics, such as:

– Digital Transformation in companies,
– Social Concerns regarding Automation, and how to solve them,
– Preparation for Digital Transformation,
– Quick Start Guide to Full Automation Testing,
– Test Web Apps (API, UI, Mobile, Performance, Security)
– Robotic Process Automation – approaches and examples,
– Machine Learning – types and algorithms,
– Neural Networks – Deep Learning, examples and training,
– Artificial Intelligence – both Narrow and General.

This book is not aimed to frighten you. More than anything, it has an ambitious goal to prepare and encourage you, motivate and give you a heads-up about some crucial questions that we will soon have to face.

In this book, you will find every ingredient to achieve what I call „The ART of Automation”.

Nessians from Košice participated on buidling a new face of Bangkok Transit System


The members of team, Karol G. and Peter J., attended an opening ceremony of project they have been working on for 2 years. The event included the press conference in the heart of Bangkok at the most frequent train stop of Bangkok Transit System (BTS). The ceremony was attended by CEOs of the involved companies and promoted by intensive advertising campaign all over the city:

The solution focuses on sophisticated fare collection using the mobile application. The passengers do not have to wait in queues and can access wide customer care functionality. The solution has been integrated to popular social network LINE with more 500 million users in Asia.

Peter J., Software Engineer: „The business trip to Bangkok exceeded my expectations. We could experienced public opening ceremony, which attracted so many people. We have realized the reach of our solution for more than 8 million city delivered by a small team of Nessians in Kosice. I am proud I could be a part of this.“

Karol G., Senior Development Manager: “Watching thousands of people using our solution we’ve been working on for last two years is an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction. Together, we have delivered solution of world class quality, which will change the transit system in one of the largest cities in the world.”

112 Nessians travelled from Kosice to sunny San Diego

The 5th edition of planning event called ART PIPE (Agile Release Training Program Increment Planning Event) was held in California. The whole event was attended by 250 people in total. The event was added with interesting presentations of various topics related to software development.

ART PIPE was also the opportunity for various teambuilding activities such as golf, football, Game night or BBQ party.

Nessians from Kosice took also some trips during the weekends. San Diego, wonderful Californian beaches (Coronado, Solana Beach, La Jolla), Las Vegas, San Francisco, camping in Sekvoja National Park or trip to Grand Canyon – these are just a few examples of their favorite destinations.

 Vladimír H., Scrum Master Lead, Ness KDC: “During the 4-days long Solar Turbines Agile Release Training Program Increment Planning Event in sunny California, more than 100 Nessians could meet and work with their colleagues from Solar Turbines. Precise planning will help them to coordinate their activities during forthcoming 4 months cycle. I enjoyed also Keynote Speaker presentation related to current trends in the area of software development.”

Arlene T. Paraiso, Office Manager and Event Lead, Solar Turbines: “I’ve been working for Solar Turbines since April 2018 and attended my first ARTPIPE in Kosice, Slovakia; May 2018. Planning for ARTPIPE 5 was a bit delayed but in 6 weeks, with a team of 16 people from 3 different countries working together to serve 260 attendees we were able to pull off the biggest ARTPIPE ever.  For ARTPIPE 5 we added an ‘All Hands’ day where we had several keynote speakers, hailing from Caterpillar, Adolus and Google.  All in all, it was a good production.”

Marco E. Leon, Digital Product Development Manager, Solar Turbines: “ARTPIPE 5 was an incredible event.  It was our largest to date and included three distinguished guest speakers.  We are definitely stepping up our game.  It was amazing to see the collaboration and focused planning that was accomplished by our three agile release trains.  These events represent a large investment in our team and our ability to deliver for our Customers.”

Nessians created website for dogs shelter


The shelter was established in 2005 by Union of mutual help of people and dogs. The facilities of the shelter have been gradually developed. Nowadays, the shelter can accommodate more than 200 dogs providing them with complete healthcare. The main goal of the shelter is to find homes for the dogs. Employees of Ness KDC decided to develop brand new website to help shelter attract prospective adoptive owners.

Romana Šerfelová, shelter manager: „The website is very important for us. Its design may help us to find new homes for our dogs. Thanks to Ness and its employees, we possess new fancy website, which complies with new security rules. We’d like to thank to Ness and its employees for their support, professional approach and patience.”

Jarka Lichvárová, QA Engineer: „A few years ago, I’ve adopted a new family member – a dog from Haniska shelter. Thanks to Ness KDC to Kosice program and my colleagues, I could help the shelter developing its news website, which will help to find new homes for many dogs. I say, every dog will perfectly protect your fridge. Check the new website and find one for you. “

Nessians in Košice have developed website for non-profit organization Integracia


The main idea and goal of public association Integracia is to connect children with and without handicaps or disablement together. Integracia organizes events all around Slovakia and abroad putting together children of different age and origin. The organization was established in 2008. In 2016, the mission of integration was broadened with support of elderly people. Intergarcia is supported by many publicly known people as actors, sportsmen, politicians, etc.

Stanislav Mucha, PR & Marketing Director, Ness KDC: “I perceive project Integracia as a top class organization deserving highest honors. Its events bring lots of fun, experience, memories and new friendships to children. This is something what I miss in modern world. We’re glad we could help these people in what they’re doing for society.”

Stanislav Matvejová, Integracia Project Manager: „The integration of all children is a charity project with 10 years long history. Thanks to Ness KDC, we can now use and communicate through modern website (, which is our main communication and presentation tool. I would like to thank to all Ness employees involved in the project for professional and human approach. Thank you for helping us to help the other. “