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Career in Ness KDC

Ness KDC

  • founded in 2005
  • software engineering services
  • 10 reputable global clients
  • attractive projects and career challengers
  • areas: automotive, big data, media, marketing, energetics, telematics, transit industry, mobile, mining, finance
  • 500+ employees
  • part of corporation Ness Digital Engineering

Interview process in Ness KDC

Send us your CV today. We will store it in our databaze, evaluate it and we will contact you as soon as we’ve got job opportunity that fits your expectations, experience and knowledge.

You can send CV in both, Slovak and English language. The most important information considered is: education, skills, experience, references and portfolio.

The first step in the process is the interview with our recruiters, who will evaluate your skills as well as experience and will try to find suitable job for you.

Interview with our client’s representative is a specific part of Ness KDC recruitment process. The final decision about hiring people has always been on the side of our client. The candidates appreciate the opportunity to meet client’s representatives and prospective colleagues in such early stage of the recruitment process.

After client’s approval, Ness KDC will offer you the contract and all administration neccessary for your onboarding.

We do consider onboarding as an important part of recruitment process, which has been matter of continual improvements.

All information needed by new colleagues can be found at internal website. Of course, new Nessians are assigned a team member, who will help them to accomodate and adjust to new working environment.

Ness academy

Ness Academy is a successful company project providing graduates with an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills enhancing their potential earned during their study. They are allowed to utilize their theoretical attainments while accomplishing real IT tasks as a member of project teams in the top software development company.

The uniqueness of the Ness Academy projects is based on interconnection of theory and practice gained in solving real project tasks. The students are provided with consulting service and they take part in various discussions and sessions enriching their language and technical knowledge. The successful participants are frequently offered a junior job in particular project teams.