The Art of Automation: interesting view on the area of automation


Take a look at interesting publication of our colleagie Peter Muszka  o on the topic of automation.

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This book is a Quick Start Guide to Automation for companies, managers, and testers.

Different levels and depths of automation results to my concept of 5 Levels of Automation, which I will introduce you and take each level chapter by chapter. I tried my best to combine non-technical and simple descriptions with many technical points for engineers who would want to try out some of the ideas mentioned in this book. The first half is theoretical with conventional tools, and techniques, the second half are examples and implementation hints.

5 Levels of Automation described in this book:

– Quality Assurance
– Full Automation Testing
– Robotic Process Automation
– Machine Learning Mastery
– Artificial Intelligence Kingdom

It’s intentionally short and to the point. It’s purposefully light at the start, and gradually diving into more complex topics, such as:

– Digital Transformation in companies,
– Social Concerns regarding Automation, and how to solve them,
– Preparation for Digital Transformation,
– Quick Start Guide to Full Automation Testing,
– Test Web Apps (API, UI, Mobile, Performance, Security)
– Robotic Process Automation – approaches and examples,
– Machine Learning – types and algorithms,
– Neural Networks – Deep Learning, examples and training,
– Artificial Intelligence – both Narrow and General.

This book is not aimed to frighten you. More than anything, it has an ambitious goal to prepare and encourage you, motivate and give you a heads-up about some crucial questions that we will soon have to face.

In this book, you will find every ingredient to achieve what I call „The ART of Automation”.