World-Class software product engineering

NESS Kosice Development Center, based in Kosice, Slovakia, established in 2005, is the largest Software Development Center in Kosice serving its partners in Automotive, Transportation, Mobile, Media, Finance, Power, Web-Trading, Digital Advertising Big Data and Telematics industries.

We are proud contributors of business success of our partners - the leaders of their industries. Our expertise in software products and platforms development, research, experience engineering, agile and project and product management enables our partners to focus on achieving their strategic goals and growth.

& Training

Dedicated training programs, employee engagement, sophisticated performance management and wide career development options give NESS KDC a deserved reputation of an attractive family-friendly employer.

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& Benefits

Comfortable work environment with strong team culture of shared learning, challenging projects for world-class clients and attractive benefits package feeds the growth in strong community of Nessians in KDC.

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Striving to improve quality of life of people inside and outside of the company, we are historically one of the most excited contributors to development of social and community life in the region.

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We realize the people in our company represent the core of our success. NESS KDC is famous for its non-working activities.

Whether it's helping others or having fun at company parties, we like to do it all.

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